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12:16 19 November 2012

Londoner Kavery loves to eat well!

Londoner Kavery loves to eat well!


Londoner Kavey is a food blogger who loves to eat well. On her blog Kavey Eats she shares delicious recipes, reviews of cookery books, restaurants and products, feedback on food festivals and events and stories about her travels. She also helps to run her mum’s Indian cookery website, Mamta’s Kitchen.

Q. What is the philosophy behind Kaveyeats.com and how did you get into food blogging?

A. I've always enjoyed eating great food and talking about it to other people.

Long before my blog, I had been sharing my food thoughts online in chat rooms and discussion boards.

I sent long rambling restaurant reviews to friends and family via email, I left essay-like comments on other peoples' blogs, I wrote restaurant reviews, recipes, reports about food festivals, notes on kitchen equipment... and then looked for ways to share somewhere and somehow.

One day I came to the sudden realisation that I'd been stealth blogging - all the symptoms of blogging without an actual blog! That night, I stayed up very late setting up my blog. I didn't know whether anyone would ever read it or whether I'd run out steam after a few weeks or months.

I had already set up another food website, Mamta's Kitchen, with my mum and husband back in 2001 but although we add new recipes regularly, it's an online cookbook not a blog, so blogging was still completely new ground for me.

But I started Kavey Eats more than three and a half years ago and definitely haven't run out of things to talk about!

I'm not sure I have a philosophy, as such but my motivation today is the same as then - I simply love writing down my food thoughts and experiences, and sharing them with others.

Q. How do you go about choosing a restaurant to review?

A. I look for an appealing menu, prices I can afford according to my finances at the time, and strong recommendations from friends and fellow bloggers about the food and service. A convenient location is a plus too, though I do sometimes trek a bit farther for a restaurant that I'm keen to visit.

I also get invited to review restaurants, but I only accept those I'd choose to visit anyway.

Q. How many countries have you eaten in so far and which has been your favourite cuisine?

A. I adore travelling, dare I admit it, even more than I love eating! Luckily, food and travel combine so well and it's always exciting to try as much local food as I can when we're away.

My family love seeing the world too, so I've been fortunate enough to travel pretty extensively. I'm not sure how many countries... more than 40, less than 60, is my best guess!

My husband (who writes the blog Pete Drinks) and I visited Japan for the first time this October and absolutely loved our food and drink experiences there - from kaiseki ryori (high-end multi-course feasts) served in traditional ryokan (inns) to casual tonkatsu (breaded deep-dried pork), tempura and ramen (noodle soups), we savoured every bite.

We also visit France as often as we can, eating and drinking our way around a chosen region for the holiday.

Q. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A. This is something I ponder often, though I find it almost impossible to narrow down to just one thing. I love too many foods too much to give them up. Can I keep ripe alphonso mangoes, roast rib of beef, my mum's Indian chicken or lamb curry, Pete's cheesy potato bake, an excellent cheese board and a bar of really good dark chocolate?

Q. How often do you cook at home and what do you enjoy cooking the most?

A. We cook a lot at home; we make lots of recipes from cookery books I review for the blog and of course, we often cook tried and tested favourites.

We enjoy cooking all kinds of cuisines and ingredients, and don't mind making a bit of effort but we don't really go for very complex and long-winded recipes, nor fancy presentation.

As the weather gets colder again, we're cooking winter warmers such as my Boston Baked Beans and British Bangers, chilli con carne, beef or sausage casseroles and the like.

I also love preserving so I make lots of jams, chutneys, pickles and ketchups.

Q. Do you have any tips for budding food bloggers in London?

A. Be true to yourself in what you choose to write about and the opinions you express.

Kavey can be found on Twitter at @KaveyF.

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