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Queenie (not her real name) is a good old fashioned Diana Dors-style gangster’s moll living the life of Riley on ill-gotten gains.

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Or at least, that’s what the fictionalised world of the old East End of London and the smokey gilded clubs of Mayfair say of the extraordinary ‘Lucky Bunny’, who only just misses out on severe punishment, and who has a sufficiently shameless attitude to shoplifting at Harrods to see it as a form of Robin Hoodlike social egalitarianism. The big difference about Queenie, though, as we learn through her story, which is based on some real-life events, is that she has a conscience. OK, she couldn’t have got her reassuringly safe cottage and child by conventional means, but now that she’s got them, she doesn’t simply want more and more, she just feels grateful.

Sceptre Hardback £17.99

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