Denise Van Outen ‘relieved’ for Victoria Pendleton after Strictly exit

13:03 27 November 2012

Denise Van Outen is relieved for former rival Victoria Pendleton. Picture: PA Wire

Denise Van Outen is relieved for former rival Victoria Pendleton. Picture: PA Wire

PA Wire/Press Association Images

Denise Van Outen ‘relieved’ for Victoria Pendleton after Strictly exit

Victoria Pendleton was knocked out on Sunday. File picture: Ian West/PA WireVictoria Pendleton was knocked out on Sunday. File picture: Ian West/PA Wire

Denise Van Outen says she felt relieved for Victoria Pendleton when she was voted off Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday.

The TV presenter admits she feels sad when any of the contestants depart the BBC One show, but she is pleased the exhausted Olympic gold medallist is now able to have a rest after going straight from competing at London 2012 to training for the programme.

She said: “Now when people leave you’ve spent a lot of time with them so it is sad.

“But for her I felt a little bit relieved because she’s actually exhausted. She’s had such a busy summer with the Olympics and training for Strictly, and Strictly is really full on.

“I had a nice long break and a holiday before I started training but she’s stepped out of the Olympics and straight into the ballroom so she needs a break.”

Denise is now favourite with the bookmakers to win the competition ahead of Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, but the 38-year-old star insists she tries not to pay attention to the odds for fear of inviting pressure on herself.

She added: “I don’t really take any notice of it to be honest, it’s one of those things that if you start reading all of that then you put too much pressure on yourself.

“I try not to feel pressure, I just want to enjoy the dancing. I’m not thinking about winning or anything, I’m just thinking about enjoying it.”

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