Buckingham Palace menu for world leaders’ reception at London Olympics

14:09 28 July 2012

LOCOG Chairman Lord Sebastian Coe (left) speaks to Queen Elizabeth II as they watch the morning session of the Swimming at the Aquatics Centre in London on day one of the London 2012 Olympics.

LOCOG Chairman Lord Sebastian Coe (left) speaks to Queen Elizabeth II as they watch the morning session of the Swimming at the Aquatics Centre in London on day one of the London 2012 Olympics.


World leaders scoffed posh nosh at Buckingham Palace in a glitzy reception ahead of the London Olympics opening ceremony, last night.

US First Lady Michelle Obama, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and French prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, as well as PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha were among guests.

Below is the full menu they enjoyed.

Cold dishes were Quiche au Brocolis et Stilton, Oeufs de Caille et Sel de Celeri, Maquereau a l’Escabeche, Cornet de Canard Fume Melon de Charentais, Rosette de Saumon Fume et Blini au Citron, and Roulade de Fromage Blanc aux Noix Caramelisee

Hot dishes were Langoustines a l’Outhier, Gateau d’Aigrefin Fume et Poireaux, Petit Brioche Maintenon and Miniature Vegetarian Cornish Pastie

The sweet menu was Financier au Chocolat et Cerises, Pralines au Miel and Pate des Fruit aux Fruits de la Passion

VIP guests glugged fancy wines, Gusbourne Estate Blanc de blancs, Kent 2007, Running Duck, Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc, Stellar Organic and South Africa 2011.

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