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Prolific New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore is at the helm of the story telling for this game with Todd McFarlane supplying the art direction for the visuals. Now if your geek-fu is strong and you know who both of these people are then you know that this is something to get excited about.

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In overall terms with the way it look’s, sounds and plays its closest equivalent would have to be the Fable series from Lionhead studios.

For anyone who played Fable you would know that it had many shortcomings but the main one was always it’s size. Even the latest instalment could be clocked in under a day easy by concentrating on the main plotline and ignoring the sidequests... RPG people simply expect far more than that.

Thankfully this is not the case with Kingdoms of Amalur, in fact, it’s bloody huge!

Not quite as epic as Skyrim but still huge enough that travelling from one end to the other of the game world without fast travelling would take you a fair while.

As one little green dude from a memorable sci fi film once said... ‘size matters not! and Yoda always knew what he was talking about.

Enough about the quantity, now on to the quality.

The quests themselves can seem a little brain dead at times (go from [a] to [b] and kill [c], return to [a] to collect prize) but they are still enjoyable.

The combat system is fast and furious with tonnes of manic button bashing with further button bashing QTE thrown in on top for when you activate the special fate ability.

The graphics are top notch throughout, seemingly eschewing ‘lifelike’ or realism in the visuals department in preference to a more painterly style.

Music is also brilliant with excellent rpg operatic tunes in place,

I dislike the targeting system a little (the fact that there doesn’t really seem to be one, it just locks on to the nearest person) but it doesn’t kill the game it just removes unnecessary thinking :).

There are three class skill trees might, sorcery and finesse that you can expend points on while levelling and there is plenty of possible combinations to choose from to suite player preference.

The options available to people when it comes to weapon and armour building/customization is staggering and easily eats up your time. The set mechanisms in place within the game for dealing with unwanted items is a cut above most rpg’s allowing the user to break down unwanted items for parts that you then use to create new items. It wasn’t long before I had a suite of armour dedicated towards helping me level up quicker through experience bonuses and once I hit level 40 (the level cap within the game) I then switched to armour that just bumped up my stats.

The test version I reviewed was on PS3 and I liked it so much that I have just now purchased the PC version on steam, this should tell you how much that I liked the game by the fact I am willing to pay money to play this game on my preferred system rather than stick with the free PS3 version that I received for the price of this review.

So far I am 90 hours+ into this game, slaughtered the main campaign, done the majority of the side missions AND STILL loving it.

Roll on the DLC.

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