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Seconds out, round two! Bad Wolf are the next band in our unsigned Q&A section. Find out more about these Muse-inspired rockers below. Are you in a band? Do you want to be featured on Email with your details...

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Who are you and where are you from?

Hi. Were Simon, Mathias and Ed and were Bad Wolf from East Londonand Denmark and France if you take into account Mathias epic upbringing!

Where and how did you meet?

S: Well Mathias and I worked together for a number of years while both in different bands. And after becoming rather disillusioned with our respective lead singers, left these and just started jamming together.

M: We spent around 6months putting ideas down and creating the basis of Bad Wolf.

S: However there was no band name at this time. Just a load of ropey ideas!

M: REALLY ropey!! Haha.and in this time we auditioned a number of bass players before finally meeting Ed and then it all just clicked into place.

E: Hello.

What are your musical influences?

S: Haha, here it comes

M: I think its fair to say that we have definitely been influenced by Muse, but its moved on from that in recent months.

S: Yes, Im a massive Muse fan and the early songs tend to reflect that quite a lot

E: Haha, yeah when I joined, Simon would always point me to a particular muse song and say play the bass line like that for this [Bad Wolf] song.

S; Yeah it did become a good reference point for what I had in my head, but like Mat says, since Ed joined us, weve been writing together and the songs have become a lot more punky and more into a Libertines/Arctic Monkeys style

M: But still with that heavier rock edge.

How would you describe your sound?

All: Muse?? Hahahha.

E: I think weve already done that one.

Has your music evolved over time? If so, why?

M: Id definitely say yes, mainly to do with the way we write the songs. A lot of the earlier material was stuff Simon had already put together and it was just down to us copying the demos, but now its much more of a collaboration

S: Yeah, Ill generally come in with some idea and then Ed and Mat will rip it to shreds until we have a decent song!

E: But its definitely helped us to move away from earlier influences and develop our own sound, which can only be a good thing when there are so many bands out there doing the same as you.

Addiction to Fiction (mp3)

Hot Lunch (mp3)

What is your biggest achievement or claim to fame thus far?

S: errr have we had any?

M: Well weve had the NME thing.

S: Ah yes, I suppose thats some sort of an achievement.

M: They ran this best unsigned band breakthrough competition which we got through to the final 15 out of hundreds of other bands and got featured on their website.

S: Yeah that was pretty cool. A nice ego boost at the very least!

E: It was also completely out the blue, because we only just uploaded a few songs on their site as a way of contacting their new music editor and the next thing we know hes picked us. as his band of the day!

M: Its nice to know people do actually listen to your stuff.

If I wanted to hear or download your music, where would I go?

S: Go on Ed, you do it.

E: Well it depends on what sort of social media youre on but the best places are. and

S: Were in the process of getting a proper website together, that we can have as a main Bad Wolf home. There are so many social networking sites these days its impossible to know where to start!

Where can I find, follow and like you?

M: In most East End bars?

S: Haha yeah definitely! That and Facebook. Were still getting to grips with Twitter. If you can get past all the people telling you what theyre having for breakfast and how their journey to work was its actually pretty cool. Our name is @ukbadwolf.

E: If you follow us, Simon will tell you what he had for breakfast.

S: Haha.I can tell you now if you like?

E: Nah its alright.

S: Oh ok, well you can find out on our twitter!

When and where are your next gigs?

M: The next show will be our single launch, which is on Friday 2nd September at the 229 venue on Great Portland Street.

S: Its a great venue and that really helps us to put on a proper show, which is by far and away the most important thing to us!

M: Its all we have planned at the moment, but are looking to book a few more London dates in the autumn as well as some further afield.

Do you have a single, EP, or album release planned?

S: We certainly do and were very excited about it. Itll be our debut single release and were putting it out ourselves. Its a double a-side Addiction To Fiction / Hot Lunch and its out on. iTunes and all other digital download sites on Monday 5th September!

E: You sound like an advert.

S: Haha. Out now, available at all good record stores!

M: Were currently finishing off two videos for the songs that will be up on our YouTube channel in the near future. Theyve been great fun.

S: Yeah, and were also going to give them away on DVDs at the next gig just as a thanks to everyone whos been with us so far.

E: Theres the advert again

S: Haha. Free DVD at all Bad Wolf gigs, terms and conditions apply.

E: Oh dear.

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