Posties look at children’s letters to Santa to find out the most-wanted Christmas presents

Lego is once again the most asked for present by children this Christmas. Picture: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Lego is once again the most asked for present by children this Christmas. Picture: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

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Postmen have been having a sneaky peek at children’s wish lists as they send off their letters to Santa and said that Lego, One Direction merchandise and Furbys are the most-coveted Christmas presents.

Top 10 most requested toys:

1 Lego

2 One Direction merchandise

3 Furby

4 Moshi Monsters

5 Monster High Dolls

6 Sofia Talking Doll

7 Doc McStuffin’s Doctor Bag

8 Nerf Gun

9 Xbox One

10 Peppa Pig

(Source: Royal Mail)

Royal Mail said it has published the ‘most authoritative survey’ identifying the things kids really want under the tree this year, even if rifling through 200,000 items of mail seems a slightly underhand way of achieving it.

Ethical or not the list should at least be accurate, and its results show the most popular toy is also one of the most traditional – Lego.

And counter to what people might think the latest consoles do not score highly, with the XBox One only making it into ninth place and the Playstation 4 out of the top 10 entirely.

The man in charge of Santa’s massive postbag, Royal Mail’s Alex McConnell, said: “Santa allowed us to take a peek at what children are asking for this year and it seems that children clearly still love making and building things with timeless Lego taking top place as this year’s most wanted Christmas present.”

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