Holloywood award for horror short starring Dagenham actor

16:39 18 October 2012

Hollywood potential: Blackout won the best horror short at Shriekfest in Los Angeles

Hollywood potential: Blackout won the best horror short at Shriekfest in Los Angeles


A horror film actor is celebrating after the low budget short he starred in scooped a top award at a Hollywood film festival.

Rising star: Cole starred as a robber fighting demons in the award-winning film BlackoutRising star: Cole starred as a robber fighting demons in the award-winning film Blackout

Cole Dines was taken by surprise after the 30-minute flick, Blackout, won the best horror short at Shriekfest in Los Angeles this month.

The 39-year-old, of Barnmead Road, Dagenham, stars in Blackout as a robber confronted by demons after breaking into a London warehouse.

The actor said the film producers were now talking to US executives with a view to turning the short into a full-length feature.

He said: “We always thought we would make a 30-minute short to give people a taste of what we could do, to do a feature film.

“If we could crack America, if we could get some interest, that would go a long way.

“The fact that we won an award in Hollywood is looking good.”

Cole, a TV actor who has starred in Family Affairs, Dream Team and Ultimate Force, said the film had no budget but ended up costing around £5,000.

He did not get paid and Blackout was shot at a friend’s house in north London.

However, the creatures were created using advanced “green screen” techniques.

He explained: “It was shot on green screen. They created costumes themselves, latex masks and body suits.

“It was all shot in the dark but it looks beautiful. The film will be online soon.”

Shriekfest was launched in 2001 and is said to be the longest horror film festival in Hollywood.

Cole added: “To find out it had been nominated for best short was already an achievement in itself, but to have won is absolutely amazing. You don’t know who is watching in Hollywood.”

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