X Factor blog: Steve Brookstein picks final three after Janet Devlin exit

16:23 28 November 2011

Steve Brookstein says girl band Little Mix will most likely win this year

Steve Brookstein says girl band Little Mix will most likely win this year's X Factor contest

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After Janet Devlin was voted off the show, London24’s resident X Factor guru Steve Brookstein picks his three for the final.


You know something is seriously wrong when the highlight for many people watching X Factor is Carol Decker laying into Gary Barlow on Twitter for suggesting that she couldn’t sing.

“I had to suffer a Take That concert for the sake of my kids this summer. What’s your problem? I actually have perfect pitch,” she tweeted.

Gary said sorry, which makes everything ok, so on with the show.

This week Janet Devlin went. I must admit I thought that she had a big fan base even though I wasn’t one of them. She was one of the most over-rated singers in this year’s X Factor and as she left she said: “To me the sad thing about X Factor is that it’s brought me down a lot, I was just covering other people’s songs and it got to the point that I just felt like a karaoke artist every Saturday night.”

Where has this girl been for the last seven years? Back in 2004, it was just like that and again in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010! It is X Factor not Later with Jools Holland. And The X Factor bought her down? Well, she bought me down. Her timing was poor, vocal support was non-existent and she only sang one song well in three months.

I used to go to karaoke and there was always someone there who could sing one song well but as soon as they tried to sing another one they went to pot. She may have felt like a karaoke artist every night, but don’t pull that card now that it’s all gone tits up.

It wasn’t encouraged in my day, but she had every opportunity to interpret a song the way she wanted and the judges are always saying “you made it your own.”

Seriously, nobody can moan about the show theses days. I’ve warned people for years what it is all about. If you go on it expect negative press, harsh comments and abuse on Twitter. Do as you are told, smile, say thank-you and be on your way.

Janet never had negative press stories like Misha B, Johnny Robinson or Kitty Brucknall. She has been given all the help to get as far as she could but ultimately she couldn’t deliver. The judges finally had to just accept she isn’t that good.

Misha B is still suffering from those false allegations made by Louis and Tulisa and was in the bottom two yet again despite being one of the best on show. I’ve been convinced that she won’t make the final because of what Louis and Tulisa said. Performs like a star not a contestant, would love her to make the final but can’t see it.

Marcus Collins was OK but not professional enough. Gary went right over the top again by describing the performance of Lately as “sensational”. Gary still can’t be trusted considering what he said about Carol Decker! Marcus was pitchy to begin with and he ended up in tune. That is not sensational. No doubt Marcus will make the final but I’m not a fan. Looks great but song choices are all dated and he is yet to do anything that doesn’t sound stage school. He needs to do a number like Black and Gold and then he may win me over.

Little Mix are the chosen ones and will most likely win The X Factor. They are playing the bully victim card very well. After admitting to being bullied they performed the victim’s anthem Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. Manufactured and destined for success but unlike One Direction on this occasion I don’t care. I love these girls. They can really sing and they have worked so hard in so little time. Together for a few months they already look like stars.

If you are going to manufacture a band and use X Factor as a four-month marketing campaign to launch them, then this is how you do it. Well done X factor! Win or lose on the show, they are going places.

Amelia Lily is appealing to the pop-rock fans of X Factor and to be honest she sings well enough. Not great but good enough. China In My Hand is a classic and she did it justice. I think she’ll just pip Misha B to the final place. I can’t help but think that Janet missed an open goal. If only she could keep time, keep the melody and remember the words. Damn it, Janet!

JOKE OF THE WEEK: One Direction and JLS coming on at the end of a charity song. They received heroes’ welcome like they had just returned from Afghanistan with ticker tape and cheers just to mime one line.

X FACTOR NEWS OF THE WEEK: After regretting his boast that anything less than 20 million viewers for his USA version of the show would be a faliure, Simon Cowell admitted he is happy just to watch it grow naturally. So far it has grown from 12 million down to 8.5 million.

TWEET OF THE WEEK: “X Factor is like the end of a party. Drunken people eating the left over prawn vol au vants and sausage rolls saying, ‘They’re actually not that bad.’”

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