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6 of the funniest Twitter accounts you must follow

They may not be the newest Twitter accounts but they’re among the funniest.

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(Picture: Richard Bartz)

Fly-bee pilot grounds plane due to buzzing imposter

Flybe became more Flybee when a stripy insect got stuck in one of its plane’s mechanisms, causing the pilot to turn back a flight from Southampton to Dublin.

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(Photo: Jim Gifford)

10 weird pigeons that look like Pokemon

Love them or hate them, pigeons are a fact of life in London. We’re used to seeing the scruffy sort pecking at fag butts and pooping everywhere - but their fancier cousins are a sight to behold.

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[Photo: Stephen Lody Photography]

Couple find house full of snakes

A family living in Maryland, USA, moved into their new house to discover snakes slithering around in the walls and ceilings.

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[Photograph from Youtube]

Naked man arrested on drawbridge

A naked man was rescued from the top of a railway drawbridge by firefighters in Florida this week.

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(Chris Collis / SWNS)

Bigger than London: World’s most expensive ranch goes on sale

These incredible pictures show an historic ranch bigger than Greater London which is set to become the world’s most expensive estate after being put on the market for $460 MILLION.

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[Photograph from Wikimedia Commons]

Woman drinks own breast milk to survive in wilderness

A woman who got lost as she ran a race survived a bitterly cold night in a New Zealand forest by drinking her own breast milk.

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The man takes a tumble

VIDEO: Pub punter takes hilarious tumble in Del Boy-esque bar fall

This poor pub punter took a bit of a tumble in a scene remarkably similar (and as funny as) to the famous episode of Only Fools and Horses when Del Boy falls through the bar while talking to Trigger.

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Watch this wee pup's confusion when he hiccups for the first time! [Photo by Matthew Kennelly]

Puppy gets confused by his own hiccups

Warning! This little guy might just take your breathe away.

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Ricky Gervais as David Brent in The Office

VIDEO: David Brent wins at interviewing Nigel Pearson

When Leicester manager Nigel Pearson bizarrely berated a journalist after last night’s clash against Chelsea, it was only a matter of time before the memes started.

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