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The rare tapeworm lived in the man's brain for four years (Picture: Sanger Institute/PA)

Man’s four-year headache caused by tapeworm living in his brain

A man who suffered splitting headaches for years without knowing why had a rare tapeworm living in his brain, scientists have revealed.

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The grandmothers learn how to smoke a bong (Pic: YouTube)

VIDEO: Grandmothers smoking weed for the first time

“I just don’t care” declares one grandmother in this video, who has just smoked cannabis for the first time.

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It's not a good idea to stab your prospective boss

Man stabs prospective employer during job interview

The pressure of a job interview became too much for one man who flipped out and allegedly stabbed his prospective boss.

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Benjy, the

Gay bull saved from execution by Simpsons creator

A “gay” bull has been saved from slaughter after the terminally ill co-creator of The Simpsons donated thousands towards its rescue.

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Just look at him... (Picture: Palais De Tokyo Facebook)

Watching a man look for a needle in a haystack is the worst thing on the internet

Right now there is a man looking for an actual needle in an actual haystack. Its art, apparently, and its being livestreamed, obviously.

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The man jumps on to the shark for a dare (YouTube)

Man jumps onto shark for a dare

Forget jumping off a cliff or into a fire, would you jump on a shark if I asked you to?

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Now you can own the 'Headington Shark' after the house it is embedded in went up for rent. But why would you want to? (Picture: PA Images)

Fancy living in a house with a massive shark in the roof?

Open plan living room-diner, three double bedrooms, enclosed rear garden, giant shark in the roof, off-street parking - *wait* what was that about a shark?

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The 'poppy-roni' pizza were posted to Twitter this morning (Picture: Twitter/@BomTailey)

Tesco sells special ‘poppy-roni’ pizzas for Remembrance Day - nobody is hungry for them

Now we’re all for everyone doing their bit to raise awareness of Remembrance Day, especially on the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One, but would our fallen soldiers really want to be ‘honoured’ with a customised pizza made to look like a poppy?

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Can you spot Boris?

Can you find the Mayor? Boris features in new ‘Where’s Wally’-style book

With his jaunts around Britain promoting his new biography of Churchill and being wheeled out to impress Tory supporters ahead of the election most Londoners are already wondering where Boris is - but now there is a book to play the game for real.

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