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(Pic by Slide the City)

Canadians will be doing this while you swelter on the Tube

We’re super jealous of North Vancouver after it announced its residents would be playing on this massive slip and slide inflatable this summer.

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We're feeding Britain's waterfowl their equivalent of junkfood, the Canal and River Trust has said [Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]

‘Stop feeding ducks bread! - but why?

Heading out to feed the ducks with a bag of leftover bread: it’s a heartwarming pastime, but one charity wants it to stop.

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Now when men do this in the streets of Hamburg, they get a nasty surprise!

Hilarious video shows what happens if you pee in the street

It’s a problem in all party cities - peeing in the street.

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Home sweet home (Samsung Dream Doghouse)

The £20k dog kennel with hot tub, treadmill and flat screen TV

This £20,000 kennel prove a dog’s life isn’t actually all that bad, in fact it’s pretty cushy.

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We'd probably soil ourselves [Image from YouTube]

What would YOU do if a psycho clown ‘killed’ someone in front of you?

One guy pulled a knife! You can see it in the final ten seconds of the video, when there’s a close-up of the ‘reveal’ with the man in the petrol station.

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Your neighbours might not like the new feature (Photo by Norman Smith/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Spotify adds lyrics so you can sing along to your music

Spotify is about to add a new feature which will let you sing along as your music plays on your desktop.

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A gang are believed to have stolen the 30-year-old's testicles

Russian soap star’s testicles stolen in brutal attack

Russian police are hunting a gang who surgically removed a soap star’s testicles in a barbaric procedure after the victim was drugged in a honey trap.

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Do you recognise this man? [Photograph from British Transport Police]

Man on horse threatened station staff with riding crop in ‘racist’ rant

A man on horseback rode into a train station and racially abused a member of staff in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

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The driver hurls the package out of the window onto the concrete driveway (Picture: YouTube/eDude76)

Watch as postman hurls parcel into garage door from car window

If you think your postman is bad at delivering your precious online purchases, be thankful it isn’t this guy:

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The pensioner reportedly thought the grenade was deactivated. File picture: PA

Elderly woman thought deadly grenade was an ornament

A pensioner has been using a potentially deadly World War II hand grenade as an ornament after she was given it by her late husband.

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