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Being an upstairs neighbour mostly involves making sound

Do you have upstairs neighbours? You will know this pain

Ever wondered what the hell your upstairs neighbours are up to? Are they a constant source of unrecognisable yet irritating sounds? Sudden bangs, alarms...a BOWLING BALL?!

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This astonishing picture of the quadruple rainbow was captured by Amanda Curtis

Pictures: Stunning quadruple rainbow streams over New York

This beautiful, magical-looking quadruple rainbow delighted New Yorkers today.

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The video shows a police officer rushing the woman before grappling with her and smashing her phone

VIDEO: Shocking film of cop wrestling woman for phone and smashing it

This shocking footage shows a police man in America rushing a woman who is filming him on her phone before grappling with her and smashing her mobile into smithereens.

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No more scrolling back through your call history and cringing...

This app could stop you making a fool of yourself whilst drunk*

*Well, it can at least stop you drunk-dialling your ex/mum/boss, and it could help you work out roughly what you did do last night.

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The newlyweds celebrated their marriage by creating these flightpaths [Picture: planefinder.net]

Newlyweds use plane to draw a path of love in the sky

A newlywed pilot and flight attendant celebrated their union by drawing two hearts in the sky by plane.

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The smell is so bad the couple's young son cannot use the toilet, Mamiya said [Photo by Nadine Hutton/Getty Images]

Japanese woman attacked husband with knife ‘over smelly poos’

A Japanese woman faces jail time after she allegedly knifed her husband because of his smelly poos.

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A customer at Wal-Mart tried to pay for goods using a fake bill bought in a joke store [Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]

Woman uses gag $1 million bill and demands change

An American woman is facing jail time after allegedly using a $1 million bill to buy $1675 of merchandise at Wal-Mart.

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We think comparing the lothario to rodents is actually a bit unfair on rats [Photo by China Photos/Getty Images]

Love rat exposed when 17 girlfriends appear at hospital bedside

A Chinese cheater has got his comeuppance after a car crash revealed his lying ways.

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(Pic by Slide the City)

Canadians will be doing this while you swelter on the Tube

We’re super jealous of North Vancouver after it announced its residents would be playing on this massive slip and slide inflatable this summer.

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