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Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk set to classic old movie dance scenes. Yes. Picture: YouTube/MarkRonson)

VIDEO: Incredible Uptown Funk mashup with celeb-studded Golden Age of Hollywood dance routines

Uptown Funk was the biggest song of last year. Now the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars hit is going viral again because an ingenious person set the tune to classic Hollywood dance routines. It will funk you up.

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Luke Skywalker's anti-Darth Vader fighters' logo pictured with Arabic writing (Picture: Screenshot from ETV)

VIDEO: Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol used as Al-Quaeda logo on Spanish news channel

A Spanish news presenter discussed ongoing strikes on ISIS while the Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol was displayed as the Al-Quaeda logo behind him, prompting a social media frenzy and swift apology.

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This little girl tried to sell her brother to a pet shop (Picture: YouTube/berge95)

VIDEO: Ingenious girl plans to sell brother to pet shop... so she can buy an owl

Watch a girl make actual plans to sell her brother to the local pet shop to get her favourite furry owl. It’s hilarious.

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Daniel Craig pretends to threaten Stephen Colbert in a fake bond scene - and it's hilarious (Picture: YouTube/The Late Show)

VIDEO: Daniel Craig ‘attempts to rent a car as James Bond’

‘Spectre’ star Daniel Craig pretended to rent a car from Stephen Colbert on CBS’ ‘The Late Show’ while in character as James Bond - and it was hilarious.

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The owl was rescued by heroic oil rig workers (Picture: Scottish SPCA/PA Wire)

PICTURES: Helicopter rescues silly dive-bombing owl

Twit-tw-foool! An adorable (but low IQ) owl managed to dive-bomb an oil rig and needed to be airlifted to safety by helicopter.

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The chair appears to move of its own accord - or perhaps there is a ghostly explanation?

‘Ghost’ caught on CCTV moving chairs in east London theatre

These spooky goings on apparently took place just hours after a psychic medium took to the stage at a theatre in east London.

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YouTube veteran hickok45 shows how to carve a pumpkin with a hail of bullets (Pic: YouTube)

VIDEO: Pumpkin carving...with a rifle

Pumpkin carving with a knife is no easy feat, but pumpkin carving with a rifle adds an additional layer of difficulty.

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Picture of a large snowflake, 5-6mm, entitled The Beauty of Imperfection. Picture: Alexey Kljatov

Incredible snowflakes pictured up close...captured by a £200 camera

A Russian photographer whose studio is the balcony of his house has captured loads of stunning close-ups of snowflakes in all their beautiful variety. His camera? A rudimentary amateur digital one.

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Blue the whippet has thankfully made a full recovery (Picture: Simon Vine)

Mad dog: Whippet eats bag of blue heart-shaped ecstasy pills

Blue the tiny whippet proved himself to be a bit of mad dog after munching down on a bag of blue heart-shaped pills he found in a plastic bag while on a walk in the park.

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'This is my migration lorry, I got here first so there!' - Our imagined version of Nissan's response to migrants entering his truck (Picture: Getty)

Polar bear shares truck with confuzzled Calais migrants

‘Excuse me, this is my migration truck!’ Nissan the polar bear was calmly sitting in the back of a lorry at Calais on his way to the UK when some other (human) migrants tried to sneak into his compartment.

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