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Bud is an African Grey parrot - a species popular for its ability to 'talk' (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Parrot repeats murdered owner’s last words

A parrot called Bud could be a key witness in the fatal shooting of a man in Michigan, his ex-wife believes.

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The hard-hitting video aims to combat the 'invisible' nature of domestic abuse among older women (Picture: Womensaid / YouTube)

Do you see the woman in this video? Probably not.

Womensaid have just released a powerful and disturbing short film showing how older women are the ‘invisible’ victims of domestic violence in the UK.

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We think Jeddah the bat is the cutest thing in the entire world (Picture: Megabattie / YouTube)

VIDEO: This happy bat being tickled will make your day

Meet Jeddah the bat. He likes being tickled. He is the cutest animal ever to go viral.

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The idea isn't romantic, it's just about making a connection with those around us everyday (Picture: Exclusive Network / Facebook)

VIDEO: Should ‘Date While You Wait’ come to the London Underground?

People are calling for Thomas C. Knox’s ‘Date While You Wait’ experiment on the NYC Subway, where commuters can find a bit of platonic love on a normally depressing underground plaform, to come to London.

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You can now watch the great Louis Armstrong on video (Picture: Getty)

VIDEO: Only known film of Louis Armstrong singing in studio discovered

No one knew video footage of Louis Armstrong in studio existed, but a film of the music legend in action has just been released to the public for the first time.

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Little does Kelly know what's behind her... (Photo: YouTube)

VIDEO: You won’t believe what showed up in this snowboarder’s selfie

Everyone loves a good selfie, and what could be cooler than videoing yourself snowboarding down a mountain?

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The children had a clever idea to help the copper chopper (Photo: NPAS Redhill)

VIDEO: Kids make giant arrow to help police helicopter find suspects

Children in Surrey had a great idea to help police on Good Friday - even though they were flying overhead.

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A black labrador mix similar to this one brought home more than just a stick... (Photo: Rronenow)

Pet dog brings home large bag of marijuana

A pet-owner got a surprise when the family dog brought home a large bag of cannabis on Saturday.

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Your kitten may be giving you a nasty parasite (Picture: Getty)

Your cat may have given you a dangerous brain-infecting ‘anger parasite’

Your cute kitten is probably giving you more than love, affection and the odd dead bird. New scientific research indicates cats may be giving humans a parasite which lives in brain tissue and is linked to several psychiatric conditions, including uncontrollable anger.

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This is the mugnut. It will blow your mind, (Picture: Gemma Stafford / YouTube)

VIDEO: Now you can make jam doughnuts in the microwave in under a minute

Move over microwave mug cake, the microwave doughnut has arrived and it’s gooey, quick and doesn’t have to be deep fried.

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