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The cost of Christmas

How to save on the cost of Christmas

Do you know how much you’ve spent on Christmas? For lots of people it’s something they dread thinking about - until the credit card bills come in and it’s impossible to ignore.

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Friends to the rescue  [Image from YouTube]

VIDEO: Hero tortoise saves adorable stuck friend

What do you do when your mate falls over? If your answer is ‘point and laugh’, we want you to know that the tortoise in this video is a better person than you will ever be.

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A glitch meant thousands of items were wrongly listed for as little as 1p (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Christmas comes early for Amazon shoppers with 1p glitch

Christmas came early for some lucky Amazon customers after a computer glitch caused thousands of items to be listed for just 1p - but the unexpected price cut has left businesses fuming.

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Unsurprisingly the people freak out when the dinosaur appears (Picture: Pepsi/YouTube)

VIDEO: Time Tunnel prank scares Londoners with dinoasur projection

What would you do if you walked under a railway arch at night and a dinosaur appeared in front of you? Probably something like this:

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[Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images]

6 adorable pictures of dogs in jumpers

It’s cold, it’s wet, and London is in the midst of a weather bomb so snuggle up in your winter woollies and get ready for Christmas Jumper Day with these photographs of adorable dogs.

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The 'Festive Bird's Nest' (David Parry/PA)

Forget baubles, these are the BEST Christmas beards

These festive facial hair designs take the Christmas beard to a new level.

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You'd think it would be easy to find... [Photograph from Essex Police/PA Wire


Thieves steal half of massive aircraft hangar

Police are searching for resourceful thieves who have managed to steal half of an aircraft hangar.

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We've got you covered...

Where to charge your phone for free in London

We’ve all experienced it; the sinking realisation that your phone is dying while you’re out and about. Damn those battery-draining apps and selfie camera flashes. If only there was somewhere you could rejuice your iPhone…

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Elton took a little tumble for the cameras - and it cheered us all up

Elton John fell off his chair at the tennis and it’s glorious

On a bitterly cold Monday morning ease your Christmas party hangover and fears over all those presents you haven’t yet bought by watching Elton John fall off his chair.

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A proper pie! (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Hilarious pie petition calls for ‘pastry lids’ to be a criminal offence

A petition calling for casseroles with a pastry lid masquerading as a ‘pie’ to be outlawed has gathered more than 4,000 signatures.

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