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The Outbreak Halloween event got a little out of hand when armed police and a helicopter showed up...

Armed police bust ‘kidnap’ Halloween event

A Halloween event was even scarier than planned when armed police turned up and almost arrested the actors.

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The X-ray shows the turtle-shaped pendant (AP Photo/Dr. Don Harris)

Tortoise facing surgery after eating a turtle-shaped necklace pendant

Lola the tortoise became ill after eating a mysterious turtle necklace pendant.

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The video by Network Rail captures the morning rush

Mesmerising video captures London Bridge in rush hour

This mesmerising video by Network Rail captures the morning rush hour in a rather beautiful way.

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The world's best freestyle footballers visited London (Pic: Freestyle Football Federation)

VIDEO: Amazing tricks of world’s best freestyle football champions in London

This incredible promo video shows the world’s top 16 freestyle footballers performing unbelievable tricks across London.

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This gorgeous tattoo pays homage to London's East End, but we think it's missing Brick Lane Beigels and Chicken Cottage [Photograph by Matteo Pasqualin]

Awesome tattoo looks like photograph of Victorian London

Here at London24, we love pictures of historical London, but we’re not sure we love it enough to get it engraved on our skin...

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An Italian nun has covered Madonna's song Like a Virgin (Pic: YouTube)

VIDEO: Italian nun’s bizarre cover of Madonna’s Like a Virgin

It what could be the most unlikely cover of the century, an Italian nun has done a remake of Madge’s Like a Virgin.

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Americans should steer clear of Halloween treats that might have an extra ingredient  (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Beware of weed-infused sweets during Halloween trick or treating!

Many UK parents are too afraid to let their kids go trick or treating anymore, but for Americans it seems they have a new concern when sending their beloved offspring on their annual sweet-hustling mission - hash-infused candy.

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The crow and the man have a slanging match (YouTube)

VIDEO: Crow gives man verbal beating

There are reports of crows attacking Londoners but rarely have we seen verbal abuse like this.

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Lady Gaga says she 'loves' 15-year-old Brendan Jordan who went full on diva live on TV

Kid who went full on diva live on TV gets Lady Gaga nod of approval

Lady Gaga has given a big nod of approval to the kid who went full on diva in the background of an American news broadcast.

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The 'crocodile' found in a garden in Plymouth (Picture: Devon and Cornwall Police/PA Wire


Woman calls police after spotting ‘crocodile’ in her garden - turns out to be inflatable

*dials 999* ‘Oh my God there’s a crocodile in my garden!’ ‘Really?’ ‘Nope, sorry, just an inflatable toy, stand down everyone, my bad’

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BT Home Smart Cam

BT Smart Home Cam 100 review

When I was first told by my boss that I would be doing a review on the BT Smart Cam 100 I didn’t quite know what to expect. Before even looking at the product I was picturing it as nothing more than a web cam with a fancy name.

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