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You could make your phone into a tiny hologram projector! (Photo: YouTube)

VIDEO: Here’s how to turn your smartphone into a hologram projector

Got a smartphone? Of course you have, You’re probably reading this on it. Now you just need some ordinary household objects like a pen, paper, ruler, tape - and a craft knife and an old CD case.

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No word yet on whether Prof Yoda will pay his overdue fines in pellets (Photo: University of Bath/PA Wire)

When seagulls got scary, they turned to Yoda

When seagulls got scary at the University of Bath, the faculty turned to an usual ally: a European Eagle Owl called Yoda.

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Imagine this in your face (Photo: YouTube)

VIDEO: Shocking moment motorbike is crushed under lorry

Imagine you’re riding your beloved Ducati motorbike down the streets of Peckham - when you’re confronted by this.

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This fish is decapitated and gutted yet still fights back - or does it? (Picture: YouTube)

VIDEO: Dead, decapitated and gutted fish fights back - or does it?

A YouTube video shows a headless, gutted and seemingly dead fish flip to life when a woman tries to remove its scales. Warning: this video contains blood and is not suitable for squeamish people.

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This flight visualisation reminds us fo TRON (Image: NATS)

VIDEO: This what 24 hours of flights from London airports looks like

When we found this cool visualisation of a day’s worth of flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, City Airport, Stansted and Luton, and realised it was named after us, we had to share it.

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Hong Kong Metro station (Picture: Youtube)

VIDEO: Woman throws massive tantrum after her phone dies

When your phone dies it’s annoying and frustrating, but this woman’s reaction to her battery conking out on the Hong Kong subway is priceless.

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Breathe deeply and imagine London on a sunny day (Photo: YouTube)

VIDEO: Take a minute to chill out with this soothing hyperlapse of London

It’s a Tube strike day. The drivers are stressy, TfL is stressy, you’re stressy because getting from A to B is a battle.

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6 of the funniest Twitter accounts you must follow

They may not be the newest Twitter accounts but they’re among the funniest.

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(Picture: Richard Bartz)

Fly-bee pilot grounds plane due to buzzing imposter

Flybe became more Flybee when a stripy insect got stuck in one of its plane’s mechanisms, causing the pilot to turn back a flight from Southampton to Dublin.

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(Photo: Jim Gifford)

10 weird pigeons that look like Pokemon

Love them or hate them, pigeons are a fact of life in London. We’re used to seeing the scruffy sort pecking at fag butts and pooping everywhere - but their fancier cousins are a sight to behold.

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