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12 signs you’ve moved to London

If you didn’t grow up in London, moving to the city can seem daunting. People are so busy/stressed/silent on public transport.

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Uber tried to make everyone forget its troubles with puppies - which is a pretty smart plan

Cuteness on demand: Uber is now delivering actual puppies

Probably sick of all the bad press they’ve been getting Uber have decided to distract everyone by delivering puppies on demand for a cuddle.

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The chicken was hurled throug the hatch as a 'joke' (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Live chicken thrown thru McDonalds serving hatch

A chicken that was hurled through the serving hatch of a drive-thru McDonald’s has been rehomed by an RSPCA inspector and renamed Nugget.

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We wrote this poem and now we think we're Shakespeare

We made our tweets into a poem and you can too!

When London24 were teenagers, we were budding poets, scribbling lovelorn verses in the back of our Maths books.

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Ed Sheeran said he was mistaken for Boris Johnson - we don't see the resemblance (Picture via Getty Images)

#Awkward: Ed Sheeran reveals he was mistaken for Boris Johnson

One is an incredibly successful 23-year-old musician, and the other is a bumbling 50-year-old politician - but apparently all it needs is some dishevelled hair for Ed Sheeran and Boris Johnson to be mistaken for one another.

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The barman is trying to get the funds to pay for 13 dates (Picture: Tom Packer/IndieGoGo)

This barman is crowdfunding to pay for 13 dates so he can find love

A bearded barman unable to find love has come up with a novel (and ridiculous) approach to find the girl of his dreams - by setting up a crowd-fund to help him pay for dates.

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(Picture: University of Surrey)

Disgusting pictures show the real filth stored on our phones - bacteria

When people say phones are bad for your health they’re not wrong - especially when you see how much bacteria is lurking on them.

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Fellow passengers love Eclipse. She doesn't listen to obnoxious music or chew gum loudly [Image from YouTube]

This streetwise dog catches the bus to the park by itself

Black Labrador Eclipse loves her trips to the dog park. Her owner Jeff Young loves a cigarette.

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Would you go to a crisp sandwich cafe when you can make them at home?[Evan Amos]

World’s first crisp sandwich shop sells out in two hours

After the success of the Brick lane cereal cafe, the world’s first crisp sandwich shop has opened in Belfast - and promptly sold out.

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