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Smithfield Market near Farringdon saw daring cyclists race the classic bikes yesterday. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Picture gallery: Penny farthing cyclists speed round central London

As some cyclists elsewhere in the capital took to the streets naked to protest against car culture and oil dependency (see link), riders at the London Nocturne cycle race sped around central London on push-bikes from a rather more prudish age.

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Picture of a large snowflake, 5-6mm, entitled The Beauty of Imperfection. Picture: Alexey Kljatov

Incredible snowflakes pictured up close...captured by a £200 camera

A Russian photographer whose studio is the balcony of his house has captured loads of stunning close-ups of snowflakes in all their beautiful variety. His camera? A rudimentary amateur digital one.

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The puppy was filmed trying to get onto the treadmill. Picture: YouTube

VIDEO: Puppy tries to leap onto treadmill

Treadmills have probably seen their fair share of action in the last month as people attempt to get fit for the year ahead.

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Apparently the film took only two hours to shoot.

VIDEO: World in reverse film becomes viral hit

Sometimes the simplest of concepts are the most effective.

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The naked thieves broke in and stole...burgers

Naked thieves break into restaurant to steal burgers

Avert your eyes if you’re offended by a combination of nudity and extreme stupidity.

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The massive pothole was several feet deep. Picture: YouTube

VIDEO: Man swims in massive pothole

A man has been filmed taking a dip in what is believed to have been Ireland’s deepest pothole.

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Best of friends? The kitten and the hedgehog. Picture: YouTube

VIDEO: Kitten meets hedgehog for the first time

What to do when you meet a mystery creature for the very first time?

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David Haye's fifth professional fight took place at the Playboy Mansion. File picture: Nick Potts/PA Wire

Top five unusual sporting venues

Two of England’s oldest amateur football clubs will play a match in the Buckingham Palace Garden as part of the Football Association’s 150th anniversary celebrations. We take a look at five other unusual sporting venues.

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All Points Electrical posted the security footage to their store's Facebook page in hope of catching the clumsy criminal [Photo from Facebook]

VIDEO: Is this the thickest thief in the world?

This man who tried to steal from an electrical shop in Canada might be the stupidest thief ever.

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The racy film tells the story of the forbidden romance between Anastasia Steele and the enigmatic Christian Grey. [Youtube]

VIDEO: Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer features Beyonce

The first trailer for the film of sexy smash-hit book Fifty Shades Of Grey has finally been released! You can take your first look at the enigmatic Christian Grey, played by Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan, below, but we’re most excited about the exclusive version of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love!

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Renault ZOE is perfect electric supermini for short to mid-range commuters

The Renault ZOE follows on from the introduction of the electric Fluence ZE and Twizy, but unlike the former, the Zoe was designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle.

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