Funeral of Kilburn shooting victim Sabrina Moss to take place next week

12:06 20 September 2013

Sabrina Moss was shot while out celebrating her 24th birthday

Sabrina Moss was shot while out celebrating her 24th birthday


The funeral of a young mother who was gunned down as she celebrated her 24th birthday will take place next Friday.

Family and friends of Sabrina Moss attended a vigil one week after her murder (Pic credit: Jonathan Goldberg)Family and friends of Sabrina Moss attended a vigil one week after her murder (Pic credit: Jonathan Goldberg)

Family and friends of Sabrina Moss will be raising money to pay for her funeral and her son’s future at Asda in Wembley tomorrow.

Sabrina Moss, 24, from Neasden, was shot dead in Kilburn High Road as she celebrated her birthday in the early hours of August 24.

Her cousin, Natasha McIntosh, 28, from Willesden Green, is organising the event following the release of Miss Moss’ body last week, where a group including her brothers and sisters will put pictures up, play light music and have a collection from 10am to 6pm.

She said: “The family’s lost. She was the strength of the family, one of the strongest. She made everyone laugh, the fun is lost. At the moment it’s so hard to believe she’s not coming back, it hasn’t actually sunk in yet.”

A website has been set up to raise funds for the future of Sabrina Moss' sonA website has been set up to raise funds for the future of Sabrina Moss' son

Ms McIntosh explained how heavy the toll has been on the family, she said: “All of this time we haven’t been able to finalise anything for her funeral, we’ve just been waiting. We waited to get her body, wait to bury her, wait to find the people involved, waiting it all out.

“It’s an empty hole. The silence. My family is so loud, we’re all so close. We used to speak everyday, there’s just emptiness.”

The family have pulled together fundraising to keep awareness of escalating gun crime in the public eye and set up a trust fund for her four-year-old son.

A week after her death, the family held a vigil and march in Kilburn High Road, where Ms Moss was killed, which raised £2000.

A fundraising event last Saturday, raised just under £3,000 at Sudbury LNER sports ground where clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea donated tickets for auction.

Ms McIntosh and her aunt were also able to speak to the Mayor of Brent, who asked their views on gun crime.

Her facebook donation page has raised £6,000.

“Asda has been great,” said Ms McIntosh. “They phoned us back and have set up everything for us. It was so nice of them to do that for us.”

To make a donation visit or

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