Helicopter crash: Eyewitness accounts

09:30 16 January 2013

The scene of the helicopter crash in Vauxhall. Picture: steveheard82/Twitter

The scene of the helicopter crash in Vauxhall. Picture: steveheard82/Twitter


Eyewitnesses took to social media in the aftermath of the helicopter crash in London this morning.

Smoke billowing from the scene of the helicopter crash in London. Picture: Aaron James Rodgers/TwitterSmoke billowing from the scene of the helicopter crash in London. Picture: Aaron James Rodgers/Twitter

Twitter user Nic Walker said: “A helicopter clipped the crane at St George’s Wharf and crashed into the street outside my house.”

Later he wrote: “The car the helicopter hit is on fire now. I ran down with a guy to check it. No driver but we couldn’t get close enough to see the back.”

He also tweeted: “Dude from the building site with the crane reckons there were no injuries from the site. Crane operatore was about to go up...”

Twitter User Elbie25, @Elbie25, wrote: “Jesus, just saw a helicopter crash into a crane on top of St George Tower in Vauxhall. Knocked the top of the crane off. Hope no one’s hurt.”

Aaron James Rodgers, @bottle_bohemia, posted a picture and tweeted: “Just witness an horrific crash! Helicopter hit a crane, spiralled into the ground!”

User @steveheard82 said: “Helicopter Crash in Vauxhall Waterloo and Vauxhall stations now closed.”

Complete Couriers posted a video on YouTube showing emergency services going to the scene as a thick black cloud of smoke billowed from the ground. Jack Carter, under the handle @jackcarterlmu39, wrote: “Just went past the helicopter incident on the train. About 10 ambulances, 3-4 fire trucks, a near decimated building and scraps of a car.”

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