Haringey torchbearer Tyler Rix

Meet two of those carrying flame for the Games

Saturday, March 24, 2012
9.00 AM

The Journal speaks to some of the 22 “inspirational” people selected to carry the Olympic torch through Haringey.

Pamela Moffatt, 74, of Shepherds Hill, Highgate, was chosen as a torchbearer because she is “an inspirational campaigner for older and disabled people” who has fought on many issues, including gaining more accessible transport. She has also founded three clubs in Haringey which help people cope with the impact of a stroke. Her nominators praised her “energy, commitment and positivity” towards her causes.

Pamela, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, said: “I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for! I was a bit surprised [to be chosen], considering I am a wheelchair user and nearly 75, but I was delighted.”

Tyler Rix, of Finchley, may not live in Haringey but has spent almost every afternoon in Crouch End since meeting his girlfriend four years ago. One of the youngest people picked in the borough, he has packed a lot into his 19 years. Not only was he part of West Ham Utd’s academy programme from the age of seven until 14, he has also had a chart-topping classical album and has been scouted by Premier Models.

Tyler now wants to be a role model for other young people.

He said: “London has so many fantastic opportunities. Nowhere else would I have been able to one minute be a footballer and the next have an album. If there is something you want to do, you can do it.”

- Are you a torch bearer? Contact flora.drury@archant.co.uk or 020 7433 6209.