The 'scooter granny' caught on camera near Marble Arch. Photo by Jas Bhabra via iwitness24

London scooter granny - speed demon on two wheels shows growing up is optional

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
1.39 PM

This speed demon ‘scooter granny’ caught on camera near Marble Arch in central London is proof that age is nothing but a number.

Despite her senior years, this lady is possibly one of the fastest people on two wheels in the capital.

Jas Bhabra sent in the picture using our photo-sharing site iwitness24.

He said: I looked to my right and saw a group of teenagers pointing and laughing uncontrollably. When I looked up I saw this elderly lady approaching like a bat out of hell on her scooter!

It reminded me of one of those M.I.L.K. cards, the one that says growing OLD is inevitable but growing UP is optional.

This lady definitely has the right attitude and I thought she was brilliant.

Ive kept an eye out for her since this photograph was taken but to no avail.

If I spoke to her I would kindly offer her a little bell as I can see her crashing into some of those teenagers one day! The speed she travels I would keep her away from the Boris bikes!

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